Auto Accident

Self-driving vehicles, otherwise known as autonomous vehicles, are the wave of the future, and touted as the safest path toward significantly reducing motor vehicle injuries and deaths by eliminating the main cause of crashes—human error. As we move closer to the age of autonomous vehicles populating our roadways, the question

Semi-autonomous vehicles claim to be safer than vehicles with human drivers because they operate through a sophisticated technological system of computers, cameras, sensors, and radar, thereby eliminating the unpredictable, error-prone and distracted driving of human drivers. Automakers market self-driving technology as a safety feature that improves roadway safety by reducing

Things have gone from bad to worse for GM since its massive ignition switch recall in February 2014. Thirteen deaths, which could turn out to be a grossly underreported number, and a more than 10-year delay by GM before recalling over 1.6 million defective vehicles has prompted numerous investigations into

GM finally issued two recalls involving six model vehicles built between 2003 and 2007 for a defective ignition switch problem that has caused 31 accidents and 13 deaths. The massive recall includes over 1.37 million vehicles in the United States and another quarter of a million in Canada and Mexico.