Prescription Drugs

The youngest victims of the ever-growing opioid epidemic in the United States are toddlers. Toddlers are overdosing on opioids at an alarming rate due to accidental exposure and ingestion. A new study published in the medical journal Pediatrics finds single-dose drug packaging may be the answer to saving young lives.

An updated warning label on popular multiple sclerosis drug Tecfidera reflects the increased risk of liver injury with use, along with the possibility of hospitalization. The label changes were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in January 2017, and are outlined on under the warning section.

New research indicates many of the daily dietary supplements taken by millions of Americans interfere with the effectiveness of their prescription medications, especially cancer drugs. Dietary supplements can interfere with prescription drugs because they contain the same active ingredients, and work to reduce the effectiveness of prescription drugs, or may