Laws passed by the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly just took effect Saturday, July 14th. They address such issues as teen marriage, revenge porn, and bicycle safety, just to name a few. Here’s what’s new in Kentucky, and how it may affect you and your loved ones. Bicycle Safety The new

2017 was a shocking year for misconduct by big corporations against consumer safety. When big corporations are blinded by dollar signs, consumer safety invariably loses because corporations’ thirst for profits will never be fully quenched. Corporate misconduct usually only improves when publicly exposed, and even then only if profits are negatively

Good news for victims of GM’s deadly ignition switches in their fight to hold GM accountable. GM’s attempt to use a bankruptcy shield to avoid liability for deadly ignition switches was thwarted by the Second Circuit U. S. Court of Appeals. The court decided GM could not hide behind its

Fiat Chrysler has had a very expensive last week after it voluntarily recalled over 3 million vehicles, was ordered to buy back half a million defective pickup trucks and was assessed the largest-ever fine against an automaker in U. S. history. 3.1 million vehicles recalled over defective software and airbags

You’ve heard about driverless cars but what about driverless semi-trucks? Studies show that 90% of truck crashes involve human error, and a frequent cause of human error stems from driver fatigue. To improve truck safety and reduce crashes, Daimler Trucks North America (“Daimler”) decided to eliminate humans from the equation…mostly…