For women considering breast implants after breast cancer surgery, trauma, injury, or breast augmentation simply for cosmetic reasons, the FDA wants you to be aware of an increased risk of a rare cancer associated with breast implants. A link between the rare cancer, known as BIA-ALCL (breast implant-acquired anaplastic large-cell

Self-driving vehicles, otherwise known as autonomous vehicles, are the wave of the future, and touted as the safest path toward significantly reducing motor vehicle injuries and deaths by eliminating the main cause of crashes—human error. As we move closer to the age of autonomous vehicles populating our roadways, the question

2017 was a shocking year for misconduct by big corporations against consumer safety. When big corporations are blinded by dollar signs, consumer safety invariably loses because corporations’ thirst for profits will never be fully quenched. Corporate misconduct usually only improves when publicly exposed, and even then only if profits are negatively