Medtronic Synchromed II Lawsuit

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Have you had problems with the SynchroMed II pain pump?

If so, you may be owed significant damages.

The Medtronic SynchroMed II device is a programmable infusion system implanted in the body to deliver drug dosages for a variety of treatments for cancer, chronic pain, and other ailments. More than 250,000 of these devices have been implanted worldwide. The Food and Drug Administration has ordered Medtronic to cease the device’s continued distribution.

Medtronic Pain Pump Complications

There have been numerous problems with the device, including:

  • Battery failures
  • Catheter failure and blockages
  • Electrical shorting

  • Unintended delivery of drugs
  • Motor stall or device malfunction

For patients, these problems have caused:

  • Overdosing, underdosing or both
  • Inconsistent management of symptoms
  • Extreme lethargy or inability to function

  • Hospitalizations, emergency room visits
  • Comas or death

The FDA’s warnings and Medtronic Pain Pump Recall

One would think Medtronic would move quickly to address the problems with its SynchroMed II device but such has not been the case. Here is a partial list of the FDA’s interventions:

  • March 2008, Class 1 Recall – Possibility of inflammatory mass formation at or near the distal tip of intrathecal catheter
  • February 2011, Class 1 Recall – Potential for a “pocket fill” during the pump refill procedure
  • August 2011, Class 1 Recall – Reduced battery performance, leading to “sudden loss of therapy”
  • June 2013, Class 1 Recall – Unintended delivery of drugs, electrical shorting, blockage where catheter connects to pump

The only way for those who have been victims of Medtronic’s callous disregard for the problems with the SynchroMed II device is to take legal action.

Let us begin the Medtronic Pain Pump lawsuit with a FREE case review.

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