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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Lawsuit



How much is this going to cost me?

The plain answer is, “Nothing.” We take on each case after careful screening because we earn our fees on a contingency basis. The Bubalo Law PLC policy is simple: You pay us absolutely nothing unless we win or settle your case. In addition, if we accept your case we will advance all the legal costs and fees necessary, including filing fees, fees for expert witnesses and other costs. If we are successful and recover money for you, we ask you to pay us a reasonable percentage of the total award, plus costs and expenses which we advanced on your behalf.

It is also our promise to you that we will minimize costs as much as possible. Our technology systems at Bubalo Law PLC are thoroughly integrated to allow paperless processing both internally and with the court systems.

What To Expect During Your Lawsuit

Whether you have found the Bubalo Law PLC website through your own research, or you have been referred by another attorney, you have already committed some time to decide whether to file a lawsuit. From the moment we mutually agree to move forward, your time commitment goes down and our work begins. We advise our clients that a lawsuit should not be the primary focus of your life. When you need to be involved, we will help you manage your participation so it will create minimal disruption to you.

Do you charge a retainer?

No, there will be no legal cost to you during the entire course of your lawsuit until/unless we obtain compensation for you. All our fees are recovered only after you have received an award for your injury and suffering.

Who is responsible for my medical costs?

All your medical costs should be handled in the normal fashion. If you have personal health insurance, you should file expenses as usual. If you receive Medicare, you should also file as normal.

If I file suit, how long will it take?

In our experience, lawsuits can sometimes be lengthy, anywhere from six months to several years. This is especially true when injuries are extensive and the medical treatment may take a while. Based on our experience, and as your treatment progresses, your legal team at Bubalo Law PLC will advise you on approximately how long your particular case may take. At each step in the process, we will confer with you so you can make an informed decision on whether to continue the lawsuit process or accept a settlement if one has been offered.

How do I choose the right attorney?

First, look for an experienced attorney and law firm. Your legal representatives should have a track record of handling cases like yours, and you will want to be sure that they have obtained positive results for past clients. Your law firm should be ready to work with you whether you want to settle or have a full jury trial, so you should also look for trial experience.

Second, you should work with an attorney who is empathetic about your situation and treats you with dignity. While we have all seen the caricature of the arrogant lawyer, you do not need to accept such behavior from your personal legal representative. Find an attorney you can trust.

Third, it is far better to choose an attorney who is highly experienced in cases similar to yours than to choose a law firm just because it is nearby. At Bubalo Law PLC, we have worked with clients from every region of the U.S. and we have participated in trials in different states, both in state courts and federal courts. Legal knowledge and trial preparation skills should be the primary consideration in your choice of a law firm.

How will I communicate with my attorney?

You will work with your attorney and your legal team in the way that works best for you. Much of the work in a lawsuit can be handled by email, fax, express packages, telephone calls and general mail delivery.

The paperwork of a lawsuit is extensive and it requires experienced paralegals and support staff who will keep the process moving forward to meet all the legal deadlines. There will be times when you are focused completely on your recovery from your injuries, or getting on with your life, and have little communications with your Bubalo Law PLC legal team. Rest assured the lawsuit process has been carefully mapped out and is proceeding. However, if you have a question at any time about the current status of your lawsuit, you should feel comfortable calling either your paralegal or your attorney to get an update.

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