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A traumatic brain injury caused by an accident can devastate the life of the injured person and also the lives of that person’s family. Whatever the cause, every connected life is completely altered in an instant.

If the injury came as a result of someone else’s negligence, you have a legal right to be compensated for the damage to your life. Our brain injury attorney at Bubalo Law PLC has extensive experience helping families obtain justice in such circumstances.

In adults, brain injuries can suddenly interrupt a productive life and can result in very costly health care.

In children, a brain injury can be personally even more devastating. Children are much more susceptible to brain injury because their skulls are only one-eighth as strong as adults (according to the Center for Disease Control). In fact, one-third of all pediatric injury cases are related to brain injury (according to the National Pediatric Trauma Registry).

Brain injuries occur more often in men than women and can result from car accidents, motorcycle accidents without a helmet, slip & fall accidents and other types of accidents.

  • There are approximately 1.4 million traumatic brain injuries every year in the United States.
  • Of the 1.4 million injured, there will be 50,000 who die, 235,000 who are hospitalized and 1.1 million who are treated and released from an emergency treatment center.
  • Even a “mild” concussion can have life-long repercussions.
  • The leading causes of traumatic brain injuries are falls (28%), motor vehicle traffic accidents (20%), being struck by or against objects (19%), and assaults (11%).
  • The Centers for Disease Control estimates that at least 5.3 million Americans are living with traumatic brain injury and may have a need for long-term assistance to perform daily activities.

If You or a Loved One Have Brain Injuries You Need a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Our lawyers have handled cases at all levels where brain injury has interrupted a productive life. Our commitment goes beyond helping our clients. We have also made substantial contributions to organizations that serve damaged individuals, such as the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky.

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