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Mass tort litigation allows groups of people who have suffered harm in a similar way to pool their resources to hold a big corporation accountable for their injuries. Mass torts may involve defective medical devices, unsafe prescriptions drugs, asbestos exposure, and man-made disasters caused by toxic chemicals or emissions. Mass tort litigation is complex and usually involves a pattern of facts that makes the cases similar enough to be joined together. The cases involve extensive research and preparation. The legal experience of the attorney counts.

The attorneys at Bubalo Law PLC have built a national reputation by successfully participating in mass tort litigation throughout the United States and winning compensation to help clients get their lives back on track. Our law firm has been recognized by Best Lawyers as a leading firm in mass tort litigation and plaintiffs’ class actions. Our experienced mass tort attorneys understand the challenges this type of litigation presents and how to meet the challenges. We have the knowledge, determination, and resources to handle mass tort claims from start to finish. We are honored that other attorneys refer clients to us for representation in mass tort cases.

If you have questions about whether your injury may qualify as a mass tort claim, contact the law firm of Bubalo Law PLC for a free consultation.

Are You a Consumer Who Has Been Harmed by a Dangerous Product?

Mass tort litigation may be an effective legal option if you and others have been injured by the same product such as a recalled medical device or an unsafe prescription medication. It would allow you to pursue compensation for your injuries. Mass torts allow victims with similar patterns of injuries from a single product to take advantage of the strength of numbers to proceed against a defendant, usually a large corporation, and have the potential for a greater impact.

Our mass tort attorneys of Bubalo Law PLC have appeared in courtrooms from Massachusetts to California representing clients in mass tort litigation.

Mass tort claims are often consolidated in multi-district litigation before one judge for the purposes of pre-trial proceedings. Each individual plaintiff is represented by his or her own attorney. If the cases are not settled, each case proceeds to trial on its own. But you benefit from the work that mass tort lawyers do for others during the pre-trial phase of the case. Documents, evidence, investigations, and other key pieces of the case may be shared among the plaintiffs. This helps ensure that your claim will have access to evidence that others have gathered.

Mass tort multi-district litigation allows damages that are tailored to the individual plaintiff’s injuries. This means that if you were seriously injured, you may demand the maximum amount of compensation possible based on your specific injuries. In mass tort litigation, our attorneys will fight to make sure you get the compensation you need.

Are You a Victim Looking for a Mass Tort Law Firm?

If you are seeking a tory lawyer to represent you in a mass tort claim, you need a law firm with experience and resources. Mass tort claims take significant time to investigate and prepare. The attorneys at Bubalo Law PLC have successfully handled challenging mass tort litigation throughout the country.

As a firm with a nationwide reach, we have represented clients in mass torts litigation including cases involving HRT, Vioxx, Reglan, Essure, and Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella. We have represented clients from a number of states and worked with attorneys all over the country to resolve cases.

Bubalo Law PLC has the resources and experience to handle mass tort litigation. Our team of attorneys includes partners with years of experience managing mass tort litigation. Our managing partner, Gregory Bubalo, has represented victims against nearly every major pharmaceutical company selling its products in the United States. He has appeared before the Kentucky Bar Association regarding settlements in mass tort litigation, presenting recommendations of the Kentucky Supreme Court Mass Tort and Class Action Litigation Committee, and has been asked to speak about his mass tort expertise by the American Bar Association. We are honored to accept mass tort case referrals from other lawyers and law firms.

How Does a Mass Tort Lawsuit Work?

A mass tort case begins with a series of cases that focus on a single factual problem. For example, victims who all were prescribed the same drug for a medical condition and suffered harmful side effects as a result. Mass torts often arise after an event such as a product recall or product warning by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, indicating a link between a product and some type of injury. Plaintiffs involved in a mass tort case are allowed to share research, discovery, and other related matters.

Mass torts are often consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL). Parties will file with the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation which will review the claims and decide whether the mass tort should be handled as an MDL for more efficient use of the court’s time and resources. If the panel decides that an MDL would serve the interests of the parties involved, the case will be transferred to an appropriate court to administer. The court will form a steering committee to represent the interests of all plaintiffs.

Experienced Mass Tort Attorneys At Your Service

At Bubalo Law PLC, our experienced attorneys know how to manage all aspects of mass tort litigation. We’ve served as counsel, as members of steering committees, and have handled the research and discovery needed for our clients to succeed. An accomplished trial attorney, Greg Bubalo is Board Certified in Civil Trial Advocacy by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Our goal is always our clients’ recovery. If you are seeking representation in a mass tort, we can help you.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a defective product, dangerous medication or other product and you are seeking an attorney to represent you in mass tort litigation, call us at 866-870-2489 or contact us online today.

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